Sewer Man

Sewer Man #1 is out


Sewer people — Feel the vibe and dive in the gutter with us!

Printed on yellowish ivory paper,
A4 size.

It contains writings on Gucci Mane, Homostupids, Playa Fly, Street Military, Hank Wood…
Heaps of drawings and various artworks. Aburdity, dark humor and offensive material.
Random facts, rants and stories on local underground fights, Deathwish 3, Robert Ginty, Iceberg Slim, this turd Spike Lee,… The list could go on.

Logo by Trashman Trev.
Features photography by Home of the Sleaze and a great piece of writing by the infamous Devious Old Greasy as well.


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What was up in 2018 ?

2018 has been a prolific year besides all my health issues. Over 20 releases including zines, comics, tapes and DVDs. It was the first time a publication that I haven’t done myself was published under Neons, with the first issue of HOWL zine. Also, can be noted the last reprint of the first two Neons fanzines from 2014 and 2015. A lot of exciting projects are already planned for 2019! Thanks to you all for the support! Stay Tuned.

Latest releases are BILL WARD « Savage Schooling » and Gene ‘ENEG’ Bilbrew  »Tales of Bondage, Spanking & Female Domination », two forgotten cult fetish artists.
Get your copies here :


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Two new releases from Neons Publishing:

First is HOWL #1, that sold-out in two days.
« Just in time for the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, this little zine shines a light on the funerary cult that followed. It takes a look at two German cemeteries and its public war memorials. All texts are supported by archive footage. And, to lighten the mood: everything is enhanced by vintage erotica of said era. Enjoy. » – M.R.
More infos HERE.

Second, is FAGGOT, « a dive into the dark & gritty aesthetic of the 70’s & 80’s BDSM gay underworld through 28 dirty, sticky pages as a tribute to this era of sweaty bruised male bodies, cum covered leather boots, and hard cocks lurking in the shadows… »
More infos HERE.

A lot of new mixtapes have been added as well, so run listening to these instant classics! Such as the outlaw country compilation JUST A WHITE BOY, the weird « IF Y’ALL WANT HARD SEX ACTION CALL 1-900 NEONS » or « EUROPE IS SO HARD IT MAKES AMERICA WET ». Listen HERE.


– POING DE FORCE « Soundtrack » CS
– MOBB DEEP – The Infamous Demo CS
– DJ SCREW « Live Slow » CS
– SKI MASK TROOPAZ « Underground Tape » CS
– TRIPLE SIX MAFIA « Smoked Out Loced Out » CS
– PRE-ORDER on « Faggot Collection » pack (DVDr / « Faggot » zine, NEW,  never published before / Poing de Force soundtrack + goodies)
+ other Neons Publishing zines (Neons, Daddy, Sunshine..)

Follow the instagram for the frequent updates and upcoming projects: @neonspublishing


Sunshine is out!
64 pages en français, incluant 52 photographies ou art divers et variés.
Il s’agit du premier volume d’une anthologie (subjective) de la contre-culture queer, de Tom of Finland à Mishima, en passant par John Waters, Robbert Mapplethorpe, Bambi ou April Ashley…

Daddy is out.
New publication. For perverts only.
Click on the link for more infos.


The site is now renamed « Neons Publishing » instead of ‘Neons Fanzine’. Why?
Because it will gather under the same banner Neons, Sex Before Suicide (2010-2013),  Sunshine, and other projects to come.

The next release will be the first issue of Sunshine, a fanzine focused on the queer counter-culture, through photographs, articles, interviews, excerpts from books…
64 pages, A5, IN FRENCH.



Neons Mixtape #6 « Manic Depression »

To all the stolen minds stuck in Hell

Drab Majesty – Cold Souls
Unsane – Against The Grain
– Daniel Johnston ‘Manic Depressive’ skit –
Trisomie 21 – La Fete Triste
Cremation Lily – Doesn’t Seem So Pure
– Bukowski ‘Melancholia’ –
Ramleh – Fun Stealer
Molly Nilsson – Truth
Eyehategod – Take As Needed For Pain
Geto Boys – My Mind Is Playing Tricks On Me (Slowed) [Extract]
No Trend – For The Fun Of It All
Lounge Corps – But What Ends When The Symbols Shatter (Death In June)
– Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest ‘You’re Not’ interlude –
Clan Of Xymox – Something Wrong
Sex Vid – Cleansing
Puce Mary – Obedient Grounds
R. Thomas – Supersonic (Oasis piano cover)
– True Detective ‘crucifixion’ –

Neons Mixtape #5 // SUMMER MIX Part II

Deleted from Youtube. Will upload it elsewhere soon.

Neons Mixtape #4 // SUMMER MIX


Mobb Deep – There That Go
– Fresh Prince & Jazzy Jeff – Summertime [Extact] –
Out With A Bang – Few Beers Left But Outta Drugs
Nervous Eaters – Just Head
XXXtentaction – Sippin Tea In Yo Hood
RKL – Why?
– skit :Raw Talent (1984) epic kung fu fight  –
GG Allin – Out For Blood
Johnny Rebel – Who Likes A Nigger [Extract]
Raekwon – Ice Cream
Juicy J feat Gucci Mane – Trap
Crazy dude in the streets
Shit Lizard – Died Young, Didn’t Stay Pretty
Lana Del Rey – Burning Desire
Devo – Gut Feeling
– Skit : The Boys Next Door (1985) bitch ride –
Spider Babies – Gimme Some Drugs
Antidote – Real Deal
The Blue Aces – That’s All Right
The Keggs – To Find Out
Gucci Mane feat Rocko – Plain Jane
Project Pat – Redrum


NEONS Mixtape #3

The Stooges – TV Eye
Rectal Hygienics – Period Fuck
Bongzilla – Gateway
Charlie Patton – Spoonful Blues
Gucci Mane – Pop Music
–  »Do you believe in Jesus ? Interlude –
The Exploited – Alternative
External Menace – Someday
Division Charlemagne – Le Chant du Diable [Extract]
Bizarre Uproar –  Tornion Kev?t
– Darby Crash interlude –
The Germs – Media Blitz
Bad Noids  Into The Future
Project Pat – Redrum
Ramleh – Product Of Fear
Slaughter & The Dogs – Dame To Blame
– D. Ray White & Jesco interlude –
Hank Williams III – D. Ray White
Sunn O))) – Kannon

NEONS Mixtape #2

Hoax – Fagget (2011)
Kickback – Sideshow (2009)
Arkey Blue – Too Many Pills [Excerpt] (1970)
Eyehategod – Jackass In The Will Of God (2000)
– « Shut Up, You Bitch Hog! » interlude –
Toadliquor – Tenderloin (1993)
Alfarmania – From Fix To Fix (2004)
Children Of The Corn – Glock Sounds (1995)
– « I’m Nobody » interlude –
New Lows – Abhorrent Endings (2010)
Tear It Up – Higher Standard (2003)
Burzum – Rundgang um die transzendentale S?ule der S. P1 [Excerpt] (1996)
Gilles de Rais Order – Kicking The Dogs of the New Holocaust (2009)
DJ Screw – My Mind Went Blank (1995)
Lightnin’ Hopkins – Shotgun Blues (1950)
Cattle Press – Silence (1995)
Jerry’s Kids – Is This My World (1983)
The Kids – This Is Rock’n’roll (1978)
Electric Eels – Crummy Fags [Excerpt] (1975)
Grief – Depression (1993)
Grunt – Overdose Of Isolation (1996)
Ultraviolent – Crime For Revenge (1983)
Skimask Troopaz – Haters & Trators (1996)
Ramleh – Soundcheck Changeling [Excerpt] (1994)

NEONS Mixtape #1

Homostupids – Apeshit
Fuck Ups – I Think You’re Shit
Siege – Conform
NON – Total War [Excerpt]
Brainbombs – A Darker Shade Of Pain
– Grabbies live excerpt –
Grabbies – Hate Delirium Fucks My Brain
Gutter Gods – Chosen Few
Daily Void – Civilization Dust
GG Allin – Gypsy Motherfucker
– « Someone’s trying to kill me, man! » interlude –
No Trend – Killing Me
Hank Wood & The Hammerheads – The Ghosts
N.O.D. – Fuck Da World
– « Turn It Off » interlude –
Twin Stumps – Beyond The Door
SQRM – Fuck To Survive
Geto Boys – Fuck ‘Em [Intro]
Sex Prisoner – Snuff Film
City Hunter – Stab And Repeat
Sex Vid – Communal Living pt II
Strict – Sewer Cunt
Genocide Organ – 明日は全ての世界を

Split NEONS / SHOCKTILT has been out for a few weeks now, and is already sold out nearly everywhere. Go here to see which distro still has some left.
(pic by Fieldwork distro, NYC, sold out too)

I’ve just started a database that will feature movies, documentaries and mondo movies, and I think educational and propaganda films as well. I only put a few mondo and documentaries for the moment but there is a lot to come ! Go take a look, watch as much shit as possible and share the page!

You can now go to to read articles, interviews or reviews. I’m putting some old archives from Sex Before Suicide and Neons fanzine as well as some new ones to come soon.


The Where to find Neons section has been updated.
I’m actually working on the next issue, will be brutal and great I think. With an extra limited edition full of surprises.

And from France to the US to the Netherlands, Australia, Germany, UK, Russia, or Spain. The Neons Army is getting stronger !

Michael Krakmo
Hans Minkes
I did a reprint of 200 copies for Neons #2. If you missed the first one, contact me and grab one cause it is the LAST PRINT I’ll make for this issue.

Neons is sold out from me for the moment, I will reprint some soon.
Meantime, you can buy it on some distros or shops!
Go the section Where to find Neons

more infos here


And I made some compilations to go along with the reading of the zine.

There are two slowed down gritty hip hop comps. Tracklists are composed of Lil Wyte, Prophet Posse, Lil Ugly Mane, Al Kapone, Three Six Mafia, Gravediggaz, Project Pat, Mac Dre, Booba, Buschwick Bill, Onyx, Kaaris, Master P, Blaq Poet, Children of the Corn, Natas, Chrme, Lil Pen, Vald… And some samples from movies…

An other one is pure antisocial punk. With bands like Siege, No Trend, Out With A Bang, Flipper, Brainbombs, Homostupids, Fuck Ups, Sex/Vid, GG Allin, SQRM, Frantix, Crucifucks…


You can now download PDFs of Sex Before Suicide 1 & 3 and Neons 1 in their sections on the site. Or directly from Where Frost Reign ! Thanks to Tor Navjord and WFR for putting them online. This guy rules, that’s a fact.

Also you can keep helping me for the printing costs of NEONS #2 that will be available next week. Just send me a mail to or for more informations on what’s going on and on the content of the zine, go HERE

NEONS #2 will be available soon in every dirty alley

And you can follow us on facebook and tumblr: (even more filth, and you can also download Sex Before Suicide 3 and Neons #1 in pdf format) (to keep updated bitch)


NEONS ‘ fourth print is nearly sold out from me, but go to the section « Where to find Neons » to keep updated. You can find it nearly everywhere, Europe, USA, Australia.
Also, I will stop printing Meatdog’s zines Groin Gravy for a while cause I’m really broke and I don’t have too much time to go to the copy shop. I will print some again in the future don’t worry for those who wanted some desperately ha ha Suckers

Neons #2 is on its way, I hope it will be out around the end of February – early March, we’ll see!


Neons’s first two prints are sold out and the third one is nearly sold out as well.
So check out the section « Where to find Neons » to pick up a copy!

Neons #1 (Summer / Autumn 2014)

Sex Before Suicide is in a hiatus, so I did a zine all by myself called NEONS. Contents: an interview with the crazy skinhead from Melbourne, Meatdog. Talking about prostitution, street walking at night, his band Gutter Gods, Legions Noires and mostly hookers yeah. An article about bestiality in non porn movies. Blackface in modern society. Collages, and much more. 32 pages in english. 2 euros


people are idiots basically

Say youre a Human Toilet

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